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Mexico PART I: Your Travel Guide to Cancun

Mexico PART I: Your Travel Guide to Cancun


I consider birthday's a month-long celebration of another year of life! My love for travel keeps growing and growing. So for my birthday this year, I decided that's how I wanted to celebrate and reflect. For a long time, a small city in Mexico has been on my must travel list so we ventured down south to soak up the sun and do a little exploring.


A couple of our friends were celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary and were doing Cancun, so we decided to combine trips since Tulum sits just an hour and a half south of Cancun. We flew down on a direct red-eye flight to Cancun and arrived super early on Saturday morning. I love red-eyes so that we can sleep overnight and arrive in time to take advantage of the entire next day.


When we got to the hotel we couldn't check in yet, so we grabbed a traditional Mexican breakfast with chilaquiles and just laid out by the pool and drank Mexcal which (as a tequila drinker) is my favorite go-to Mexican liquor. Our hotel was a cool condo-hotel that was under a lot of construction but still beautiful and the beach sat right in our backyard. When our friends arrived, we ventured out downtown at night which was walking distance away but the sound didn't bother us at all in terms of sleeping. Just across the street were a lot of fun little shops where we were about to barter and get some awesome trinkets and gifts.


how cute are these little dolls?


We took a local bus downtown for about 15 pesos which is $1 each. The bus was really safe and easy to take. While downtown in Cancun, the nicest man who seemed to be the owner or manager invited us to come eat at their restaurant that specialized in Mayan food. We had the yummiest meal called conchinita pibil which is a slow-roasted yucatecan style pork dish. Our friends had the whole red snapper fish... ugh just everything was so fresh and amazing. He brought us these fun hats and some free shots of tequila! tiippssayyyy. Their mayan margaritas were so good too, made with a fresh green juice.


The embroidery on everything was so pretty and inspiring.


They say Cancun is "the Vegas of Mexico" and it was totally true! So much energy and the city was so vibrant. We even found bars playing NFL games so I could watch the Redskins game, which we sadly lost :( The bars had live music and dancers and a lot of fun tropical daquiri drinks. After 2 days, we were more than ready to hit the road for Tulum!


ahhhhhmazing! I def would've dropped these if this were me lol


Overall, I had fun in Cancun but probably wouldn't make it somewhere I venture too often. It's fun if you love to party and go out a lot. I'm more of a sleepy beach town girl! Stay tuned for later this week where I'll give my full review of Tulum, the city in Mexico that will FOREVER have my heart. I'm already planning my next trip there :)


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