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Welcome to LifestyledbyART! I’m Ashley... a Maryland girl living life the Los Angeles way in sunny California. I’m fun, free-spirited + full of hacks on living life vibrantly + eating healthy. This is where I share all of that good stuff with you! Thanks for dropping by :)

Fashion I'm Loving: Jumpsuits

Fashion I'm Loving: Jumpsuits


Okay guys... I know I rarely do fashion on here anymore but if there is something I'm passionate about, I must discuss it with you and in this case... it's JUMPSUITS! 

If you follow me on Instagram (or know me in real life), you see that I'm alwaysssss living my life in a jumpsuit. I mean what's easier than going into your closet and choosing ONE article of clothing that you can throw on and be out of the door? No need to mix and match or find something that goes together. This is about simplicity. I love comfort in anything I wear and jumpsuits provide me that, plus versatility! 

Over the years I've developed a serious collection jumpsuits in all styles and patterns. Shorts and pants, short sleeved, long sleeved, etc. Recently, I've started also loving 2-pieces that show just a peek of tummy but also let you be comfortable and sexy at the same time. I've highlighted some of my favorites below, plus shared some of my favorite brands where I'm snagging these fits and pieces I'm eyeing there! 



ASOS - one of my absolute favorite companies to buy jumpsuits, and actually pretty much anything. I have purchased several of my vacay outfits and bathing suits from this brand and they never fail! My favorite thing about them is that they offer 2-day shipping for one year for just $19... whaaaaaat? I know, it's unheard of. 

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FASHION NOVA - I recently discovered and started ordering from Fashion Nova and I am in love! They have some really cute stuff for all occasions, whether you're headed out in the city or to a nice dinner date. I also love them because they cater to women of ALL shapes and sizes, have really great prices and are pretty much always having a sale! 

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FREE PEOPLE - I used to do merchandising for Free People back in the day and have always admired their pieces! They are for the fun, boho and free spirited girl at heart and always focus on comfort. They also have store fronts all across the country! 


BOOHOO - Based in Europe, Boohoo is similar to Asos but with a different spin on it! They too offer everything you could ever need and get it to you across the pond super quick! I love them because they always have what I need and at an amazing price... they feature weekly sales, sometimes at up to 50% off! 

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ANTHROPOLOGIE - Anthro is another one of my favorite brands and just so happens to be the sister stores to Free People and Urban Outfitters! It's like the more grown sister for us adults :) Their stuff is playful and romantic and made VERY WELL, which is what I love most. You pay a pretty penny but expect your stuff to last a lifetime! 


What other pieces are you loving that provide the same comfort and simplicity as a jumpsuit? 


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