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Welcome to LifestyledbyART! I’m Ashley... a Maryland girl living life the Los Angeles way in sunny California. I’m fun, free-spirited + full of hacks on living life vibrantly + eating healthy. This is where I share all of that good stuff with you! Thanks for dropping by :)

Candied Bacon 4-Ways

Candied Bacon 4-Ways


I absolutely LOVE a good brunch! There is just something about all of the elements of breakfast food and the way that they collide that I can't get enough of. The mix of sweet and savory hit the spot every time.

A good brunch consists of a few things for me:

1. A sweet bread: waffles, french toast or pancakes. My favorite is the belgian waffle mix from Krusteaz because it makes perfect fluffy waffles that will leave your house smelling like a sweet dessert.

2. Fresh fruit: usually a mix of some type of berries which is perfect to double up for when they for my waffles.

3. Mimosas:I'm a sucker for a good mimosa and recently found a new spin on it that is so good! Instead of mixing champagne with orange juice, we remixed it with Ginger Beer instead.

4. Good side dishesa good side dish completes the meal. I love eggs, scrambled with spinach and other veggies and then... of course, there's BACON!


After being a vegetarian for 3 years and returning to meat, I also returned to my obsession with bacon *evil laugh* 

You can do so much with bacon: wrap it around things, fry it, put it on a sandwich etc. But the most exciting method is to candy it! My boyfriend and I are in love with candied bacon and what started out as a simple recipe turned into a kitchen experiment.


Typically we candy it the traditional way using a mix of brown sugar and cayenne pepper. This time we remixed it and did it 4 other ways:

Jerked / Chili Lime / Ginger Cayenne / Old Bay

Our favorite was definitely the Ginger Cayenne (mainly me, because I loveeee spicy!)

Directions: 1. lay wax or parchment paper down on a baking sheet 2. lay each strip of bacon out on a baking rack on top of the baking sheet (I prefer the Wright brand of thick cut bacon) 3. sprinkle seasonings of your choice on top of the bacon strips 4. bake until crispy at 300 degrees (about 30 minutes)

enjoy with your other favorite brunch foods! :)

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