Why Weekend Trips Are The New Vacations

There are 2 things we all have in common... we're all busy but we all also LOVE to take vacations. Name one person who doesn't like vacations so I can have a talk with them! lol No really, who doesn't love to hop in the car or on a plane and just get away from home and explore a new city or place? But because we are all also busy, some have kids and just so much other stuff going on, it can be hard to just get away when we want to. That's why I'm convinced that weekend trips are the new vacations! See the full review and scroll down for tips and suggestions for your next weekend getaway:


Weekend trips are quick and easy to do when you only have a weekend free but are still antsy to get away from home for a mini trip. They are also great for sticking to your budget since they don't require spending as much money as a week long vacay. We are always so eager to get away from home that we forget about all of the cool places right outside of where we live!

Over the weekend, we took a fun trip with another couple to Joshua Tree, just 2 hours outside of LA. It always amazes me what gems sit right outside of the busy city we live in. Joshua Tree is the complete opposite of everything LA is... quiet, quaint and full of open space with nature. The desert is over 100 degrees right now, so we made a pit stop at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs to cool down before checking in. It was such a fun weekend with good food, friends, live music and nature!

We stayed at 29 Palms Inn, right outside of Joshua Tree. We stayed in the Dandelion room. Our bungalows were so cute and each came with private patios. They were also air conditioned and some are animal friendly! We ventured out to Pappy + Harriet's for dinner and live music which was so fun! It was the quintessential western scene with huge portions of really good BBQ! Star gazing was amazing out here too because you can actually see stars and it's so relaxing to just lay out on the patios and enjoy the peace and quiet.


29 Palms also has pool, a pond and their own garden where they grow their produce fresh! In the morning they offer yoga in the yard and have a free breakfast you can enjoy before hitting the road! Everything about this place was so perfect and exactly what we needed!


There are a few things to consider before picking your weekend getaway. I've shared a couple of tips to planning the perfect weekend getaway below:

  1. Pick a place opposite of where you live: if you live in the city, get away to a quaint country area outside of the city where you can get some peace and quiet. If you're already a country dweller, spend some time exploring a local city you may not get to see that often.

  2. Invite some good travel buddies: it's hard to schedule time with friends, so a weekend getaway can be the perfect excuse to spend some quality time catching up while making some new memories together!

  3. Utilize your time: make it a 3-day weekend by taking a half day at work and heading out early on Friday. Or, if you aren't able to escape until Saturday, make the most of it by heading out really early on Saturday morning and coming back late on Sunday.

  4. Avoid holiday weekends: try to travel on a random weekend that is not a holiday to avoid the overpriced accommodations and crowded locations that won't give you the true everyday vibe of the place!

  5. Check out the "off the map" locations: big brand hotels and restaurants are nice and all, but it's way more fun to check out small local spots that are unique to the area you're visiting. They can probably use your business, are way cuter and often source healthy local food choices!

If you're in LA or in my hometown of the DMV, I listed a couple of fun, local options just outside of your city below! Check one of them out for your next weekend getaway!

Los Angeles:

  • Santa Barbara

  • San Diego

  • Ojai

  • Palm Springs

  • Joshua Tree

  • Catalina Island


  • Charleston

  • Annapolis

  • Richmond

  • Winchester

  • Baltimore

happy weekend traveling loves!