5 Travel Hacks for a Wanderluster Part II

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A couple of months ago, I shared 5 of my travel hacks that allow me to stay on the go. I got great response from people who wanted to learn more about how they can add travel into their lives and do so more often and more strategically. I want people to unlearn the notion that seeing the world is expensive or isn't obtainable - when it certainly is if you position yourself right and have a strategy!

1. Rearrange your funds: I know some people who will spend $1500 on a purse with no hesitation. If you've been following me for some time now, you know how much I value travel and experiences. So, I just cant fathom spending that much for a piece of leather that probably cost $25 to make in an overseas factory. But I do love my $5 lattes, bottomless mimosa brunches and other little things that can slowly add up to be big expenses. So I've started a new savings plan that will create "extra" funds for my future travels. Whenever I go to purchase something I don't really neeeed, I'm starting to consciously evaluate the purchase. If I make the decision against buying it, I'm moving that money over to savings or putting the cash into an envelope to reward myself for the decision. Cha ching!

2. Live like the locals: I don't know about you, but when I go out of country, I want to eat like the locals, go where they go (within reason) and live like they live! I love asking locals the inside scoop on the more lowkey spots to get amazing local cuisine, cocktails and places to dance the night away that won't cost a fortune. Not only are you getting a really fun and unique experience, but you're also not paying an arm and a leg to do so. The American things to do out of country are always going to cost significantly more. Besides, who goes out of country to eat burgers and pizza anyway?!

3. Make friends: Every year it has become a tradition to go to Jamaica for my girlfriend's birthday. Our first year, we met a really great taxi driver that we connected with and have kept in contact with ever since. Now every time we go back, he grabs us from the airport, takes us around town and makes sure that we don't pay crazy prices for things just because we're tourists.

4. Rent a house: Hotels are usually cool options but are not always the most budget friendly. Air Bnb is a great alternative for traveling and you can search for houses with "superhosts" to know you're getting the best quality options. There are some really great homes listed on the site, just make sure you read the reviews. Some great perks to renting a home are that the cost is way cheaper split between friends, they are better for large groups and they often come with kitchens for cooking and storing food!

5. Sign up for frequent flyer accounts: I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! It wasn't until 3 years ago when I moved to LA that I created frequent flyer accounts with airlines. I was flying from coast to coast so often and realized how many points I had been missing out on. Since then, I've been able to rack up a number of points to receive free flights a few times. It's helpful that airlines like Alaska are nested under Delta so the points for those flights group together and can be applied for future flights on either airline. You never realize how many you're missing until you start getting them, especially if you are loyal to one particular airline.

I love sharing tips and tricks with people and want everyone to know that seeing the world is accessible to all!