The Keys to Meal Prepping

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I know I know... eating healthy would be so easy if you had someone who just dropped in on Sunday evening to prepare all of your meals, and if there was no temptation of pastries at the office and cocktails at post-work happy hour. But we all know that's not a realistic world (and we loveeee those cocktails!) we can only do our parts to "eat clean" and be as good as we can with our food choices along the way.

But, what if I told you that eating healthy isn't as hard as it seems, especially once you've got the meal prepping part down! As you know, I've been working on meal prepping and planning ahead so that I'm not tempted by things throughout the day. Meal prepping let's me save money on not eating out as much and make healthier decisions. I'm on a SERIOUS lifestyle change right now to get back to the basics and only feed my body what it really needs and get back into shape. It seems really intense but I have some #bodygoals and I have to be really dedicated and on it if I want to see results! I wanted to share some of my key tips I've been learning and some ideas for healthy (but yummy) snacks you can go-to when prepping your meals for the week!


  • make a list before grocery shopping - or download mine below! :)

  • ziploc baggies are your friend! they are perfect to toss in your bag when you're on-the-go

  • WATER WATER WATER - make sure you are drinking tons of water throughout the day (a tip is to drink half of your body weight, in oz per day, i.e. 150 lbs = 75 oz h2o)

  • refer to your local papers or use the app Flipp to find out what's on sale for the week

  • keep your meals simple, trying to make 5 new recipes in one night will probably turn you off of meal prepping once and for all, make simple meals up until thursday and then have "fun friday" where you make something new

  • split it up - meal prep everything in the beginning of the week or once in the beginning of the week and again half way through

  • prepare many snack options to have a variety to choose from so you don't get bored

  • if time is limited, turn to something simple like a salad with protein

  • try meal prepping with friends, you each make a dish and a side and share with each other for the week

  • make 2 proteins and roast 5 different veggies to keep it interesting during your week

  • meal prep quick by using multiple parts of your kitchen - have veggies roasting and protein baking while sauteing veggies and boiling grains at the same damn time #boss

  • keep things you love in rotation, once you find things you're a fan of - keep those in the meal prep lineup so they'll be easy to prep and you'll be sure to actually eat them

  • read the back of products for serving information and follow accordingly - if it says 1 cup is the serving, stick to that so you are not overeating


Breakfast - 30 min after you wake up (choose one): 

  • plain greek yogurt with granola

  • steel cut oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries or raisins

  • multi-grain cereal with almond or coconut milk

  • cup of fruit or whole fruit

  • slice of whole wheat toast with your favorite nut butter (i love almond!)

Snack 1 - 2/3 hours later (choose one): 

  • handful of nuts (not peanuts! - high in fat)

  • 2 hard boiled eggs - I remove the yolk because it's also high in fat

  • celery or apple with 2 tablespoons nut butter or hummus

  • sliced oranges or grapefruit

  • handful of trail mix, without chocolate

  • protein shake

  • seaweed

  • small salad

  • kale chips

  • protein bar

  • dark chocolate bar

Lunch - mid day: 

  • fist size amount of lean protein: salmon, chicken, turkey, tuna, cod, mackerel, tofu, or grass fed red meat (red meat only 1x a week) PLUS a cup of non-starchy veggies: asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, kale, green beans, spinach, swiss chard, bell peppers, onions, squash

  • ADD brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, beans or whole wheat pasta on the days that you work out

Snack 2 - 2/3 hours later:

  • choose from snack list above

Dinner - after workout/before 9 PM: 

  • adhere to lunch list above, having carbs only on the days you workout

Feel free to follow the suggestions above as you'd like. As I said, I'm getting really strict and focusing on toning my body right now so with that comes sacrifices!