Hosting The Perfect Spring Brunch


Spring is upon is!!! Well everywhere else in the country it's technically Spring, but LA is still trying to figure out what it's doing. Typically it's warm here during the day and chilly in the evenings, even during summer. To me, Spring = pretty things like flowers, butterflies, lace and frill... and fresh, yummy food, but that's not really seasonal :)


I kept looking at our backyard space and thinking that I wanted to host something and was long overdue for a gathering with my ladies. So, I put together a brunch to get us all together and utilize this empty backyard that I've been dying to use!


I planned the brunch to be potluck style, asking everyone to bring their favorite dish to share or a bottle of champagne - because you can never have too much bubbly! I also asked for everyone to wear their favorite jumpsuit or romper, because well, I'm just obsessed with them and I love a good theme!


For my dishes, I made a kale and brussel sprout lentil salad (recipe here!), maple blueberry cornbread muffins, and provided a 'make your own' bagel bar which was a hit! The bagel bar was the perfect idea for everyone to customize their bagels with cream cheese, jelly, veggies, salmon, prosciutto and more!

The ladies brought things like quiche, fruit platters, carrot and raisin salad, chicken, cheddar biscuits, donuts... and more champagne! duhhhh. I also did some fun juices for the mimosas like grapefruit, mango and ginger beer. If you've never tried ginger beer with your mimosa, seriously. go. do it. now!

I've always loved to host and entertain, similar to my mom and Granny. I love that I learned that from them. If you're going to host, I think it's important to be a great host and make sure everything is taken care of and your guests have an amazing time! With Mother's Day coming up, I thought I would share some tips to hosting your perfect brunch for mom + the fam:

  1. make it potluck - seriously it's so much easier not having to cook everything - provide a base meal and mixed juices for the mimosas and a beautiful setting!

  2. utilize your best space - I was expecting about 20 ladies and our house is not huge, so I took advantage of the best space we had which was our backyard. I asked the girls to each bring a picnic blanket and we kicked back, spread out and enjoyed outdoors!

  3. have a fun theme - seasons and holidays are the easiest way to theme your event, but there are others too - center your event around an outfit, a type of dish, or a color! Not only does this give guests an excuse to get cute or make an amazing dish, but it makes for great pics (+ snaps) too!

  4. encourage 'low maintenance' dishes - because we were going to be outside, I opted for dishes that did not require heat. Waffles, pancakes and eggs sound good but I wanted to be sure that whatever I made would be great for sitting outdoors and didn't require much work beforehand, so I could enjoy my guests!

  5. the dollar store is cooler than you think! - as much as I love target, throwing an event using things from there can get pricey QUICK! i go to the dollar store, goodwill and other thrifty stores before planning an event to see what i can gather. I got the plates from the dollar store and the glass champagne bowl for just $10 from goodwill!

  6. pinterest is the HOMIE! I turn to pinterest for everything when I'm planning. The idea for the hanging flowers, infused floral ice cubes and bagel bar were all kudos to pinterest! check out other fun brunchhhh ideas I pinned here.


*Cheers* to hosting, planning or bringing a great dish to brunch this Spring!