Guest Etiquette 101

So, I've covered a lot of the basics of being a great host, how to host the perfect brunch and even gone into how to plan the perfect dinner party. But we haven't talked much about being a guest at someone else's party or event. With every great guest comes great responsibility!As a host (and guest), I've seen and heard, my fair share of questionable things that people's guests do that they may not necessarily know are considered poor etiquette as a guest aka sometimes just plain rude! After all, your friend did take enough time and thought into their event and found you special (or cool) enough to invite, so the least you can do is be a decent guest, right?!

Let's get right into it!



DO -

  1. RSVP - If your host is asking for an RSVP, there's probably a good reason. There's a chance they need a proper headcount for food/drinks, gifts or seating. Whatever the reason, they took the time out to send an invite... the least you can do is take a second out to let them know if you can make it or not :)

  2. Ask if you can bring something (and bring it anyway) - Chances are if they are hosting, your friend has everything under control, but if it's a dinner or event at their home, it doesn't hurt to just shoot a quick text to ask if they need you to grab anything. Even if they say no, still bring something like wine, a dessert or ice and a mixer. They will appreciate it!

  3. Be present in the moment - You were invited because your friend finds you fun, entertaining and interesting and wants you to mingle and connect with their other guests. Sure, you want to share the fun moments on social media but take your pics and put your phone down for the rest of the evening. If you spend your whole evening Snapping the entire night you'll be remembered as that person constantly on their phone and may not be invited back next go around!

  4. Give your host some space - It's totally understandable you want to catch up with your best friend or your boy about the basketball game last night but remember they are the HOST. Say your piece and let them continue to mingle around the room with their other guests. Take the time to connect with some old friends or meet some new ones!

  5. Assist in clean up - Your friend will most likely say that they don't need any assistance in cleaning up, but try to do your part anyway. After all, they did everything else, the least you can do is assist in clean up to say thank you for the invite!

  6. Thank the host - Take the time out to thank the host for the invite and for hosting the event. A thank you can go a LONG way, even if you didn't have fun!


  1. Invite a random guest to an RSVP only event - A formal event like a dinner party or brunch requires some elaborate planning. Your friend invited you (and only you) for a reason, leave the +1s at home. Oh, and it's kind of even rude to ask if you can invite someone if it wasn't noted on the invite!

  2. Bring "2 buck Chuck" - We all know that friend that walks into the party with the cheapest bottle of wine aka the $2.50 bottle from Trader Joe's {ahem}. If that's what you drink in your home, cheers! But spend the couple extra dollars for your friend. My rule of thumb is a minimum of $10 for a bottle of wine!

  3. Ask why you weren't invited - Your friend thought long and hard about their guest list and invited everyone for a reason. So, if you find out 3 of your friends were invited and you didn't get an invite this go around, no hard feelings... but it is offensive to put your friend in the awkward position of asking them why you weren't invited. This isn't 8th grade!

  4. Bring kids unless the host is aware - Of course we love little Ella and Johnny, but every event is not kid-friendly! Your host or other guests may also have kids but made plans to send them to a sitters for the evening. Don't assume that because people have kids, they want to spend the evening around yours.

  5. Take your bottle back - AH! This is a huge one. In the party and social world, by bringing a bottle, it is assumed that that is a gift to the host for throwing and inviting you to their event. Do not be the tacky friend who grabs their bottle back from the bar or fridge at the end of the night if it didn't get opened. PLEASE DON'T BE THIS FRIEND.

  6. Arrive early or overstay your welcome - The event starts at a certain time for a reason, don't arrive early and get in the hosts way of being able to finish cooking or decorating. Also, don't be the last guy standing. Do your part to help clean and get out of there at a decent time. The host should never have to kick you out! lol