DIY: Fabulous Holiday Wreath


This is my absolute favorite time of the year! The time right before Thanksgiving and through Christmas brings me so much joy. Between the yummy foods, the baking, fun music, friends and family, seeing the red Starbucks cups - just everything about the holiday season makes me so freakin' happy!

Typically the day after Thanksgiving, I get right into decoration mode and start making the house as festive as possible! One of my favorite home accents is a beautiful wreath for the front door. Having a wreath makes the house feel so welcoming to guests and family that will be dropping by and instantly puts me in a good mood every time I get home. I love stores like Michael's, Home Depot and surprisingly the Dollar Store for all of my needs. I searched low and high for a quality wreath but didn't come across any that I really loved and the ones that I did come across were way out of budget. SO! In true #styleyourlife fashion, I opted for creating my own.

Check out the tutorial below:



  • 1 wire wreath frame (purchased at the Dollar Store - Walmart and other craft stores also have them)

  • Scissors

  • Wire cutters

  • Garland or pine branches (approx. 6-8 full sections)

  • Decorations of choice (all purchased at the Dollar Store)

  • Floral design wire (I repurposed the wire that came wrapped around the garland)

  • Dark green sewing thread

  • Hot glue gun (optional)


  1. Select and cut about 6-8 branches of garland or pine

  2. Arrange around your wreath frame one by one, attaching the ends with wire to the top or second row of the frame

  3. After each has been secured, hold up the frame to see which branches need to be more tightly secured

  4. Secure the looser pieces with dark green thread by tying the thread behind the branches. Make sure to move the knots to the back of the frame so they are not seen

  5. Choose decorations. Snip each with wire cutters to leave about 2 inches of space under the decor

  6. Arrange around the wreath by folding remainder 2 inches over the back of the wreath and secure

  7. If using a hot glue gun, glue any loose decorations



I was told that the Home Depot tree department gives away pine branches for free. When I went I didn't like the choices, so I purchased 15 ft. of fresh garland for 6 bucks! If I were in a place where pine trees grow, I would've picked my own (hint hint!)

This can be a really fun and easy activity to do with girlfriends, family, kids - everyone! Pour up the egg nog, turn on the Pandora holiday and have at it! Stay tuned for other fun holiday DIY, baking, drinks ideas and more :)