10 Easy Steps to a Healthier 2017

healthy life.jpeg
  1. Carry a water bottle around with you wherever you go that way you can fill it up and get your daily amount of h2o!

  2. Take a daily vitamin - with being so busy all the time it's hard to get those necessary nutrients, a simple one-a-day is a quick and easy way to get almost all of the nutrients you need. I love and recommend the Rainbow Light Women's One which has everything you need and is veggie/vegan friendly!

  3. Have the burger or sandwich, but make a simple change to sub the fries for a salad when you go out to eat :)

  4. Have healthy snacks readily available in your purse, car and desk at work so you won't be tempted to eat junk food. Dried fruit and trail mix are 2 of my favorites!

  5. Use flavored seltzer waters as mixers with your alcohol instead of sugary juice or soda.

  6. Hop on the elliptical instead of the treadmill, you aren't putting so much weight on your knees, you work out more parts of your body and burn twice the calories

  7. Sub lean ground turkey or chicken for beef and pork whenever possible

  8. Use agave to sweeten things around the house instead of sugar wherever possible. Agave has less of a sugar content and a lower glycemic rate which doesn't give you the crash sugar does

  9. Get SLEEP! Sleep can reduce inflammation, lower stress and just reset your body.

  10. Pick up a new hobby -learn a new instrument or craft to get those creative juices flowing which can result in a happier more open minded version of yourself!