DIY: Painted Spring Planters


After such a loooooong, rainy season in Los Angeles - I am so happy that Spring has finally arrived! The sun has been consistently out recently and I just know that the rain is gone for good *fingers crossed*! Cold weather and rain aren't very motivating, so I've been waiting for Spring to do some much needed cleaning around the house and in my closet. I gave away a ton of clothing and am in the process of working to create something called a Capsule Wardrobe! Have you heard of it? After watching the Minimalist documentary on Netflix (highly recommended), I've been wanting to narrow down a smaller and more useful wardrobe in my closet. A Capsule Wardrobe is one that may (or may not) focus around a few primary colors and staple pieces that can all be mixed and matched to wear together. This process is supposed to eliminate the everyday fight with your closest and make getting dressed a more simple and effortless task. But, I'll tell you one thing... IT IS HARD! I'm a style and fashion person, so to just have 30 or so pieces of clothing and accessories max is insane to me! For now, I'm a work in progress, but, it does feel great to purge a lot of things I haven't been wearing or I know I'll never honestly wear again.

In honor of Spring cleaning, I've also been wanting to add some fun hanging macrame planters to the front of our home to make it feel more welcoming and inviting! Last weekend, I took a little trip to Home Depot, where they had everything I was looking for to paint some terra cotta planters. The lady in the paint section recommended that I get the sample size of Behr paint, which was the perfect amount (actually more than enough) but saved me some $; each sample size only cost about $3 and the colors were so vibrant and beautiful! I wanted them all! I picked up a few cactus and other plants in the plant section as well, which fit perfectly into the planters.

Learn how to create your own with the full DIY below + some other tips to making it Spring in your home! 



  • terra cotta planters

  • paint of your choice (I recommend 3-4 colors)

  • sponge brush and paint brushes of different sizes

  • painter's tape

  • rubber bands

  • string or thin rope

  • cups or bowls with water for rinsing your brushes


  1. Lay newspaper or an old towel down on your work area

  2. Decide what types of designs you are looking to go with - I was feeling very geometric!

  3. Place painter's tape over the area you DO NOT wish to paint

  4. Paint 2-3 layers for your designs to make sure the paint has a good coating

  5. If you are looking to do a ring around the pot, I found that painter's tape didn't apply evenly, so use a smaller paint brush and rubber bands to stop yourself from painting over a certain area

  6. Allow the paint to fully dry before going to the next layer or design for the pot - I found that hanging the pots upside down on a wine bottle worked so that I didn't set the pot down and mess up the previously painted area

  7. Once the paint is fully dry, gently pull off the painter's tape or rubber band

  8. Pinterest is full of different ideas for shapes and designs to paint on your pots!

  9. Make it fun and make it your own!



  1. Add some fresh flowers to your home

  2. Change out your candles for fresh floral scents

  3. Purchase some new throw pillows for the couch or bed in bright, vibrant colors

  4. Add some fresh plants to your home

  5. Reorganize your closet, getting rid of things you didn't wear last Spring and to make room for new things you may purchase this season

  6. Rearrange the living or bedroom to give it a new look and fresh feel

  7. Change your curtains to a lighter color to let more light in through the windows

  8. If you're fortunate enough to have a garden, plant some new flowers or produce

  9. Add some new artwork to your home

  10. Create a new setup for your coffee table with some pops of color to bring a Spring feel into the home