DIY: Floral Infused Ice Bucket


Does anyone ever feel like if you're going to do it... you should DO IT!? That's my approach to hosting and party planning and I feel like it never fails me. I usually start with a small list of everything that I want for the day and over the weeks leading up to the event that list triples. Often times, I have last minute thoughts of things I want to incorporate into the day that can take the event from an 8 to a 10. The simple details really set the tone and show your guests that you went above and beyond for the day!

In this case, I found some pictures of floral ice buckets online and HAD to create my own! With some trial and error I create 2 beautiful buckets that were used throughout the day at this Rosé Engagement Party. I know you're probably thinking what happens when they melt? The solution was to have 2, that way when one begins to melt a bit, you pop it back in the freezer and swap it out with the other. This worked perfectly for being inside my home - but I wouldn't recommend this for an outdoor event on a hot summer day!

Get into the easy tutorial below!  

What you'll need:

  • Purified or distilled water

  • Lots of pretty flowers, they don't have to be edible

  • 2 plastic buckets, 1 to fit within the other with enough space around it to add the flowers

  • Rocks, a brick or something heavily weighted


  1. Fill the large bucket with about 3 inches of water for the base and freeze

  2. Once the base is completely frozen, place the smaller bucket into the larger, making sure it is centered.

  3. Place heavy rocks (or a brick or weight) inside the smaller bucket. Begin stuffing flowers or fruit (or whatever you think will look pretty) into the ring between both buckets. It may be best to also do this in 2 parts by adding the decor in the middle and filling it half way with water and letting that freeze. Then coming back later and adding the remaining decor and water to fill the bucket to the top.

  4. Freeze overnight at the minimum to ensure that the entire ice block is frozen.

  5. Remove the ice bucket by running medium warm water in the center of the smaller bucket and around the outside of the larger bucket until the ice bucket slides out. DO NOT use extremely hot water, as it will cause the ice bucket to crack.

  6. Pull out the ice bucket right before guests begin to arrive and place on a small tray or low bowl to catch the water as it melts!


This will really set the tone for any event you do! If you make this, be sure to tag #LifestyledbyART as I'd love to see what beautiful creations you come up with!

Cheers to an over the top event!

xo, Ashley