5 Travel Hacks for a Wanderluster

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"If I can't travel, I'll die"

wan·der·lust | ˈwändərˌləst/ noun

  1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

I have a problem sitting still. In 2015, I took 13 trips, visiting 3 countries outside of the US. I truly feel like part of our human right is to get up and go and discover the world that surrounds us. The beauty. The tranquility. The introspection. The culture. The food. It's simply amazing (and imperative) to expose yourself to something outside of your own neighborhood, community, city, state and country. In 2016, I urge you to do more traveling, take more road trips and hop on more flights.

I often hear from people that travel is "too expensive" or "difficult" to plan, but I'm here to tell otherwise and give some of my hacks that have allowed me to stay on the go.

  1. Set price alerts via Kayak: Kayak is my go-to travel booking site. Not only do they offer some of the lowest fares on the web, but also allow you to set a price alert. Let's say you are planning a trip to Mexico in March - you can set an alert on Kayak to "watch" your fare for you. I use this all of the time to wait for the lowest ticketed rate. Download the app and create an account and you will be alerted right to your phone when the price drops so you can book your ticket on the spot. Sometimes, I've seen the price drop multiple times and gotten discounts of more than $200 from the original fare I saw, so be sure to set your alert in advance to get the best price!

  2. Be flexible and willing to take a long layover in another city: Many times the cheaper tickets are the ones with 1 or more layovers, sometimes for hours at a time. If you have a flexible schedule, book those types of flights! I use them to my advantage. For example, coming back from Jamaica last year, I took a 10-hour layover in Miami so I could see an old friend. Use it as a reason to explore a new city or see someone you wouldn't have been able to see otherwise!

  3. Look for cheaper flights flying into nearby cities: Get creative. My friend recently shared with me that he was looking to travel to London from NYC but the tickets were like $800+. So, instead of flying directly into London he flew to Oslo, Norway for $175 and spent a few days there. He then traveled from Oslo to London for $80! 8-0 BUCKS! He saved himself over $500 and was able to explore another cool city in the process!

  4. Book travel late at night and on Tuesday: It's been said that the best time to book travel is on a Tuesday. If I'm scouting for a ticket, I check multiple sites, multiple times. I've found my lowest rates in the middle of the night. Literally, I've checked the price of a ticket at 5 PM one evening and then again at midnight and the price had dropped, sometimes $100 or more!

  5. Book 2 one-ways versus 1 round trip: A little trick of mine, which I started doing because of schedule restraints, is to book 2 one-way tickets. This is my favorite, mainly because I may want to be able to fly somewhere (and back) at certain times and the ticket isn't always offered together. I'm able to get cheaper deals and save myself sometimes $50 or more and fly on my own time. Double win!

Okay, soooo now what's the excuse? Get on it and book those flights! Soon, I'll be dishing more travel deals and details and as usual sharing my travel experiences!