29 Things I've Learned at 29


As I approached my 29th year, I thought about all of the things I wanted to accomplish, my goals, ambitions, things that I've done over my lifetime... my successes and my failures... my highs and my lows. I considered how I wanted to celebrate and go into this new rotation around the sun and what I wanted my last year in my 20s to consist of. Part of what I love so much about my birthday being on the 2nd of January is that not only am I bringing in the New Year, but I am also bringing in MY new year - a new year for me to reflect over my life and put things into perspective for myself. I think about all of the things I have learned and wanted to share some of them with you below. Let me just say, I loved living in my 20s, but the wisdom, freedom and tranquillity I have acquired over the years leading up to 30 is unmatched! Remember to always appreciate your journey, for it helps mold you to be able to share your story with the world!

  1. Life is short, TRULY live it to the fullest

  2. Being nice to people doesn't cost you anything

  3. Don't wait around for anyone to go see the world with

  4. Love is great but happiness is way more important. Love isn't the only thing needed to keep a relationship strong, without honesty, communication and a solid friendship - love will only get you by so far.

  5. Learn to say no, you don't have to go everywhere or be everywhere

  6. If you don't ask, you will never know

  7. Always ask yourself - what's the worse that can happen?

  8. Your friends should always be people who you can learn from - never be the smartest person in the room

  9. When something bad happens, give yourself one day for a "pity party" then put your "big girl pants" on and push through

  10. If you want to make a major move, DO IT - it could be the greatest accomplishment if your life and make you grow in ways you never imagined

  11. If a relationship isn't making you happy, get your shit together and leave. You are never stuck somewhere you truly do not want to be.

  12. If you're going to worry, don't pray - if you're going to pray, don't worry.

  13. No matter how big you get in life, remain humble, everything you've worked so hard to obtain can be lost in 1 day

  14. Be grateful with what you have and where you are, look around you, everything can ALWAYS be worse

  15. Set goals, if you achieve them YAY! If not, don't beat yourself up... rally, realign yourself and figure out the next steps

  16. Always invest in yourself, if you don't put effort, energy, time and money into yourself - why would anyone else?

  17. Spend money on memories, not things - things will come and go but memories will always be apart of you

  18. Be happy with a simple life - if you were to lose it all tomorrow, would you be happy with yourself and life alone?

  19. Give back to others, as you become successful, always remember that you started somewhere and there are other than can benefit from your knowledge and skills just as you once did from someone else

  20. Be flexible and willing to change and bend. Life will throw you curve balls and you have to be able to mold and adapt at the drop of a dime!

  21. Eat good food, always. Your body deserves it.

  22. Do not succumb to jealousy - in the age of social media there will always be someone who looks like they have a "better" life than you but perception is not always (is never) reality

  23. Never let anyone have power over you... anger is a powerful emotion, why waste it on allowing someone to take you out of your calm

  24. Just BE - take time to spend by yourself doing things you love. It is OKAY to be alone which gives you time for creativity, ideas, introspection and reflection doing the things that you love.

  25. Do not let the past define you. If there are things in your past you regret, let them be exactly where they are. The future is where it's at!

  26. Listening is not waiting for your turn to talk. Excellent communication skills will take you far in life and by being able to listen to someone else you can actually grasp and learn something you may not have by just trying to form your next thought or rebuttal.

  27. Reach out to people when you think of them, text messages and emails are cool but a call or a nice handwritten card goes a LONGGGG way in today's world.

  28. Travel to "off the beaten path" places, stay away from the commercial, over visited areas of the world and discover the true untouched gems.

  29. PUT FAITH OVER FEAR!!! One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that fear is something imaginary that we create. Faith over fear has been a motto that has taken me far in life. I've been able to conquer a lot by just remembering that by having faith in myself and knowing that worrying won't get me very far.