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Who is ART?

I'm Ashley Renée Tyrus — A Maryland girl, living life the Los Angeles way in sunny, southern California. I’m fun, free-spirited and full of hacks on living vibrantly! Playing on my initials (ART), I believe that life is a canvas and each day we have the ability to paint an amazing lifestyle through whatever medium we choose! I explore the world, create and host events and create healthy and wholesome recipes to inspire women to "style the life they envision". When anyone comes to me for travel guides, hosting tips, inspiration on where to brunch or the perfect dish to serve at their next party, I always have just the thing to make their next trip or life occasion a moment they will always remember! 


— Fun Facts —

third generation hostess. capricorn. left-hander. middle child. lover of the color yellow. [sun]flower child. latte, ramen + phó addict. reformed vegetarian. nature lady. brunch obsessed.


What is LifestyledbyART?

LifestyledbyART is the digital destination for millennial women.

It is my mission is to enrich the lives of women through inspiration, world exploration and healthy lifestyle choices. With women working harder than ever, running households and chasing their dreams, comes the need for more outlets to simply relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. I hope that something here inspires you to dream big and style the vibrant life that you deserve!


Let me style your life!

look to LifestyledbyART for off-the-beaten-path, travel hot spots, cool places to dine, and imaginative products and ideas to elevate your next event or party. Through my travel guides, quick and simple, healthy recipes, and tips for hosting next-level events — I aim to not only simplify lives, but also inspire women globally to step out of their comfort zone to live their life to the fullest and beyond!