i can’t live without: 

pho + ramen, bottomless mimosa brunches, the color yellow, exploring new cities, sunflowers, endless laughter, the beach, donuts, jumpsuits, my family + friends!

my favorite weekend outfit:

a jumpsuit / some fun sneakers / a jean jacket / an over-sized bag

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I’m Ashley. A Maryland girl living life the Los Angeles way in sunny California. I’m fun, free-spirited + full of hacks on living life vibrantly + eating healthy. I used to run a fashion blog called Styled by ART but decided that I wanted to share more with the world than just how to dress well. Playing on my initials (ART) I believe that life is a canvas + each day we have the ability to create an amazing lifestyle through whatever medium we choose! Life is not only about looking amazing, but actually FEELING as amazing as you look.

I created LifestyledbyART to touch more lives through all of the dimensions of myself – from healthy recipes, travel guides, tips to hosting seamless events, homemade beauty secrets, remedies, fun DIY projects + more!

What’s keeping you from living ON purpose and styling your life the way you envision? Let’s make it happen! You only get one chance, so make it count and make it absolutely AMAZING!

Cheers to you and thank you for dropping by!