About the Brand

LifestyledbyART’s mission is to enrich the lives of women through world
exploration and healthy lifestyle choices. With women working harder than ever,
running households and chasing their dreams, comes the need for more outlets
to simply relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. That’s where I come in!

LifestyledbyART works hard to share off-the-beaten-path travel hot spots, cool
places to dine, and imaginative products and ideas for women to elevate their next event or
party. Through my travel guides, quick and simple healthy recipes, and tips for
hosting next-level events,  I aim to not only simplify lives, but also inspire
modern, homemaking women to step out of their comfort zone to live their lives to the fullest!


I am too circular for any square little box.

About the Creator

i can’t live without: pho + ramen, bottomless mimosa brunches, the color yellow, exploring new cities and cultures, endless laughter, the beach, donuts, jumpsuits, my family + friends!

artist i’ve traveled the furthest to see in concert: erykah badu

weekly self-care ritual: buying myself a bundle of fresh flowers

i travel to: eat good and collect memories

favorite weekend outfit: a jumpsuit, fun sneakers, a jean jacket and an over-sized bag

 Hello, world! I’m Ashley. A Maryland girl living life the Los Angeles way in sunny California. I’m fun, free-spirited + full of hacks on living life vibrantly + eating healthy. I used to run a fashion blog called Styled by ART but decided that I wanted to share more with the world than just how to dress well. Playing on my initials (ART) I believe that life is my canvas + each day I have the ability to create an amazing lifestyle through whatever medium I choose! Life is not only about looking amazing, but actually FEELING as amazing as you look.

So, I created LifestyledbyART to touch more lives through all of the dimensions of myself – from healthy recipes, hosting tips, homemade beauty secrets, holistic remedies, travel guides, fun DIY projects + more! I explore the world, host events and develop healthy and creative recipes to inspire other women to “style a life they envision”. When anyone comes to me for travel tips guides, hosting inspiration or what to make for their next event, I always have just the thing to make their next trip or occasion something they will always remember! 


I love to connect and share new ideas with the world and hope that you are inspired by something on my blog. Cheers to living your best life! 


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